Human Resources Management

Innovative and streamiled user experience

With its functional enhancements, friendly user interface (which you also use in Microsoft Office 365), personalization features and notifications, system users can work more efficiently and effectively on their daily tasks.

Your Attractive Heading

Unlock the potential of your workforce with Microsoft Business Central's dynamic Human Resources module. Simplify your HR processes and empower your team with tools designed for efficiency, collaboration, and employee engagement. From seamless onboarding to performance tracking, our comprehensive solution streamlines every aspect of HR management. Revolutionize your HR practices and unleash the full potential of your people with Microsoft Business Central's cutting-edge Human Resources module. Elevate your organization to new heights today! In addition, the human resources application area allows you to keep detailed employment records, including work contracts, confidential information, qualifications, and other agreements with employees. You can also use human resources to register employees’ absences, which allows you to analyze registered absences as necessary. Employee ledgers and the suggested employee payments functionality in the payments journal allow you to register and track your employees’ expenses.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central lets you get up and running just after it is launched. You can process all your quotes, sales and purchase orders, and invoices in the twinkle of an eye. Ensuring a streamlined cash flow and financial management, the system also offers your business intelligence reporting.
Accessible from any place, any device and platform
What makes Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central unique among other business solutions available on the market is that the same range of functionalities is available for mobile and desktop devices. It is common that mobile software versions offer lessened functionality. Dynamics 365 Business Central is different. No matter which device is used, the same functions and tools are available for the user. On mobile devices, the system operates with Windows, iOS, and Android. This means you can manage your company from any platform and switch platforms, working all the time with a regular user experience from desktop to smartphone.
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